Germany EEA Member

DZ HYP is a leading provider of real estate finance and a major Pfandbrief issuer in Germany, as well as a centre of competence for public-sector clients within the Cooperative Financial Network. The bank provides clients in the three business areas of Corporate Clients, Retail Customers and Public Sector with a comprehensive range of products and services in real estate finance and local-authority lending. In its business activities, DZ HYP targets its clients directly and acts as a partner to the approximately 700 cooperative banks in Germany. This means that the Bank is helping to strengthen the Cooperative Financial Network in its successful and sustainable positioning in the market. DZ HYP‘s well diversified funding mix offers investors a broad range of investments - from benchmarks to smaller-sized registered bonds.

Pool Program details

Identifier DZ HYP Mortgage Pfandbrief
Country Germany
Legal framework Pfandbriefe
Harmonised transparency template
Pool type Mortgage
Description The cover pool comprises mainly German commercial mortgages and residential mortgages.

Bond details

Other identifier
Face value (EUR) 500,000,000
Initial Issuance Date 09/07/2024
Maturity Date 20/09/2028
EU Label European Covered Bond (Premium)
Maturity profile SB
Tapped No
Coupon Type Fixed
Syndicated Yes
Listed Yes
Sustainable covered bond Yes
Additional Information