Argenta Spaarbank NV

Belgium EEA Member

Pool Program details

Identifier Argenta Spaarbank European Covered Bonds
Country Belgium
Legal framework Belgian Covered Bonds
Harmonised transparency template
Pool type Mortgage
Description - Argenta, an integrated retail bank insurer active in Belgium and the Netherlands
- Prime Belgian residential mortgage loans originated using conservative mortgage underwriting criteria
- AAA rated by S&P
- Strict Belgian legal framework

Bond details

ISIN BE6349638187
Other identifier
Face value (EUR) 750,000,000
Initial Issuance Date 06/02/2024
Maturity Date 06/02/2034
EU Label European Covered Bond (Premium)
Maturity profile SB
Tapped No
Coupon Type Fixed
Syndicated No
Listed Yes
Sustainable covered bond Yes
Additional Information