UniCredit Bank GmbH

Germany EEA Member

UniCredit Bank GmbH – HypoVereinsbank – is one of the leading financial institutions in Europe. The bank is part of the UniCredit Group, which operates in 13 core markets with around 70,752 employees and 3,082 branches. UniCredit Bank GmbH is one of the largest private banks in Germany with around 9,620 employees and 371 branches. The company is based in Munich. It is a German bank and is therefore subject to all the constraints and regulations of the German financial market supervisory authorities. The core competencies are retail banking, corporate banking for small, medium sizes and large, internationally active corporate customers, private banking and international capital markets. HypoVereinsbank offers its clients the entire product range covering all aspects of real estate financing, including all innovative products and services in addition to classic real estate financing.

Pool Program details

Identifier HVB Mortgage
Country Germany
Legal framework Pfandbriefe
Harmonised transparency template http://www.hvb.de
Pool type Mortgage
Description Assets which are eligible as cover for Mortgage Pfandbriefe are loans secured by real estate situated in the member states of the European Union, in Contracting States to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), in Switzerland, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the USA, Canada and Japan, Australia, New Zealand or Singapore. The total volume of the loans in states not belonging to the European Union, for which it is not ensured that the preferential right of the Pfandbrief creditors, may not exceed ten percent of the total volume of the loans in the case of which the preferential right is ensured.

However, loans may serve as cover only up to 60% of the mortgage lending value.

In addition to real estate loans, a maximum of 20% of the aggregate volume of Mortgage Pfandbriefe outstanding may take the form of other cover assets. These may be claims under bonds of or guaranteed by central governments and sub-sovereign public-sector bodies (see also “Public Pfandbriefe”) or money claims against suitable credit institutions. The latter may be included up to 10% of the aggregate volume of Mortgage Pfandbriefe outstanding.

And finally, claims under derivative transactions concluded with suitable credit institutions may also be included in the cover pool up to a maximum of 12 % based on their net present value.

Statutory basis

Provisions governing the eligibility of claims as cover for Mortgage Pfandbriefe in particular are set forth in §§ 12 – 19 Pfandbrief Act.

Bond details

Other identifier HV2AZC
Face value (EUR) 1,000,000,000
Initial Issuance Date 13/01/2023
Maturity Date 13/07/2026
EU Label European Covered Bond (Premium)
Maturity profile SB
Tapped No
Coupon Type Fixed
Syndicated Yes
Listed Yes
Description Jumbo Mortgage Pfandbrief
Additional Information